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Reflexology is restorative for all forms of physical, mental and emotional stress. Whether you have sleep issues, circulation problems, nervous tension, digestive problems, foot disorders, body ache or a major disease or just want some help relaxing and feeling more contentment, reflexology can help.

Through gentle but firm pressure techniques reflexology works powerfully with your nervous system as well as the muscles and tissues throughout the body to help transport nutrients to the cells. By doing that it opens the energy to blocked areas and restores homeostasis, the body natural and inherent intelligence to balance itself.

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About Walter Dasar

Walter Dasar earned his Certificate of Mastery in Reflexology from the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center in 2003 and is officially licensed in the State of Washington Department of Health under certificate # RF 60474200.

Walters’s full time reflexology practice in the Greater Seattle Area focuses on deep relaxation as the fundamental premise for healing and radiant health. He has been impacting lives of many local people for over a decade -addressing the whole body through reflexology – mental, physical and emotional.

Walter’s great grandmother was an herbalist and holistic healer and his interest in foot Reflexology and holistic healing of the body was likely inherited through her. For many years prior to beginning his practice Walter has studied and researched a number of different natural healing philosophies. He is truly passionate about Reflexology and enjoys impacting lives on daily basis.


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